Saturday, November 11, 2017

Books. Books. and more books!

Books, Books, and more books! Goodreads Group
Hello avid readers, how's your day going? Today I'm going to talk about the group on Goodreads called Books, Books, and more books. This group was created by Lydia Clifford, a good virtual friend of mine. It is basically a book club that will hopefully be reading a book next month (December) together. We are still deciding that book. You can participate in many book related games and just chill with your fellow readers. There possibly might be a challenge over the summer where you have to read any book with whatever we say on the cover or in the contents of the book. Plus, better yet, you can give book recommendations! I mean, who doesn't like giving any? I hope you all have an amazing day and if you liked this post I would love if you would comment. I reply to every comment!

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